2024 Rare Precious Metal Silver Eagle Collection

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2024 Rare Precious Metals Silver Eagles

Our collectors went crazy when we first introduced our original Ruthenium Clad Silver Eagle Dollar.  You went even wilder when we released our Ultra Precious Metal Silver Eagle.  NOW, for your collecting pleasure, our Mint Master has delivered again with this array of Rare Precious Metals Silver Eagle Dollars that are sure to be a hit. Included is the classic Ruthenium and Gold clad Silver Eagle where we’ve clad a brand new 2024 Silver Eagle with 2 mgs of inky-black ruthenium and then selectively layered the designs with 24 Karat Gold.  Plus, there’s the 2024 Gold Clad Silver Eagle where we’ve clad a 2024 Silver Eagle dollar in 4 mgs of 24 Karat Gold, then selectively layered the designs with Rhodium, the most expensive precious metal today?  Best of all, you get our Ultimate edition --- a 2024 Silver Eagle clad in precious 3 mg platinum then selectively layered in 4 mg pure 24 KT gold.  Trust us when we tell you that these coins need to be seen to be appreciated, because they are eye-poppingly gorgeous! Get all three at a special discounted price!

(Limit: 5)

Actual size is 40.6 mm

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