2020 Brilliant Uncirculated Silver Eagle Dollars

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Now, brand new for 2020 — celebrate the biggest, heaviest and purest Silver Dollars ever struck by the U.S. Gov’t. — the magnificent Silver Eagles. With one full Troy ounce of .999 Pure Silver, the Silver Eagle was originally issued as an investment coin. But its intrinsic value and stunning beauty have made it one of the most beloved and collected U.S. coins, one which is becoming more desired by collectors. And ALL of our Silver Eagles are UNSEARCHED, direct from U.S. Gov’t packaging to you.  That means you have the opportunity to acquire some perfect (MS70) and near perfect (MS69) quality coins as part of your order, all at the same low price! We recommend adding to your collection while they’re available!

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22947 / 33111 / 23110

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