2011 Palau Cuddly Bear $5 Silver Proof

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2011 Palau Cuddly Bear $5 Silver Proof Honors President Teddy Roosevelt and Childhood’s Most Cherished Toy

The Teddy Bear was introduced in 1902 and first made famous by President Theodore Roosevelt. Legend has it that outdoorsman Roosevelt was on a hunting trip in Mississippi. When he failed to bag a trophy, his hosts caught a bear and presented Teddy with a sitting target. Roosevelt was appalled at the lack of sportsmanship and declared, “Spare the bear!” This inspired a cartoon which was published in the Washington Post. When New York toy makers saw the cartoon, they named their latest stuffed animal creation “Teddy’s Bear,” and the rest is history. Ever since, the Teddy Bear has been a cherished childhood toy beloved by children and adults alike. Now, the Republic of Palau has issued a new $5 Proof coin minted of .925 pure silver that honors and portrays the cuddly Teddy Bear. Truly a unique collectible – it features an adorable Teddy Bear on the reverse in colorful original Swiss embroidery.

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