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Some of the Last U.S. Silver Dollars Ever to Circulate!

Minted to celebrate peace at the end of WWI, the Liberty Head "Peace" Dollar was struck for just ten years - from 1921-1928 and again in 1934-1935. Our last circulating silver dollar series ever, each coin was struck in .77344 oz. of Pure Silver and features a modern, art deco profile of Lady Liberty on the obverse. On the reverse, a proud American eagle clutches a laurel wreath, truly a bird of Peace.

Brilliant Uncirculated

Most of these magnificent Silver Liberty Head Peace Dollars have been withheld from public circulation for at least 80 years.  Most are still in the same, lustrous “Mint” condition as the day they were struck by the U.S. Government.  Hidden away for decades in bags, rolls and tubes and stashed away in corners of bank vaults and private safes, Brilliant Uncirculated Peace Dollars in this release are unconditionally guaranteed to be in MS-60 or better condition.  A Certificate of Authenticity will accompany your order.

Available now in Extremely Fine to Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Order yours now!

Collector's Vital Statistics

Minting Authorization: The only silver dollar with NO SPECIFIC CONGRESSIONAL AUTHORIZATION! Instead, it was authorized by President Warren G. Harding using unspecific authorization language from the Pittman Act passed by Congress in 1918.

Issue Dates: 1921-1928, 1934-35.

Issuing Mints: Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco.

Designer: Anthony de Francisci.

Designer's Mark: Overlapping initials, "AF" can be found at base of Miss Liberty's neck.

Size: 38.1 mm. diameter with reeded edge.

Weight: 26.73 grams of .900 fine silver.

Silver Content: .77344 oz. pure silver.

Condition: Most are Brilliant Uncirculated (MS-60 or better). No trace of wear buy may show occasional "bag marks."

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