1901-S Morgan Silver Dollar - Collector's Circulated Condition

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The San Francisco Mint is famous for being the mint whose coins fueled the expansion of the American West.  Born out of the vast wealth of the California gold rush, the San Francisco Mint minted not only gold coins, but silver coins as well.  Chief among them?  The Morgan Silver Dollar.  It was the second San Francisco Mint building, the famous “Granite Lady,” where the very first ‘S’ mint Morgans were struck.   The San Francisco Mint produced a Morgan Silver Dollar in every year they were issued through 1904, and was one of only three mints (along with Philadelphia and Denver) to strike Morgans in their final year of production, 1921.

Today, coin enthusiasts seek out the Morgans created by the San Francisco Mint for their impeccable strikes, lustrous sheen, and exceptional beauty.  Of course, all Morgans contain .77344 toz of Pure Silver, but that silver was never more beautiful than when it came off the presses of the San Francisco Mint.  The meticulous care taken in the production of San Francisco Morgan Dollars has made them some of the most sought after of coins.

Now you can own your own magnificent ‘S’ mint Morgan with this 1901 coin in mostly VF to XF condition.  Because this is one of the rarer Morgans in the San Francisco series in brilliant uncirculated condition, there is considerable pressure from collectors for circulated specimens.  Don’t wait.  Order yours now!


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