1893-O Morgan Silver Dollar - Collector's Circulated Condition

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When the New Orleans Mint opened back in 1835, New Orleans was considered “The Queen of the South,” the richest city in America.  The volume of trade moving up and down the Mississippi cried out for a branch mint to serve its bustling commerce.

But the 1860’s brought secession and the Civil War. In January of 1861, the State of Louisiana took control of the New Orleans Mint; then, in April, The Confederate States of America assumed control.  Though coins were struck during that time, the mint ultimately fell victim to the ruin of war.  It was finally reopened in 1879, when it began striking Morgan Silver Dollars with the ‘O’ mint mark.  Minting of Morgans continued for 26 issues before ending forever in 1904.

Now you can experience the beauty and collectability of ‘O’ mint Morgans with this 1893 coin in circulated condition.  Each comes encapsulated for protection with Certificate of Authenticity. Because this date is one of the rarer Morgans in the New Orleans series, we ask that you call us for specifics on current condition and availability.


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