U.S.-minted Territorial Silver Coin Saved from the Japanese

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Official Legal Tender U.S.-minted Silver Coins

Saved from the Japanese in WW II

When the Japanese invaded the Philippines shortly after they attacked Pearl Harbor, there were over 16 million U.S.-minted Territorial silver coins in the Philippine Treasury, coins created to help bring stability to this territory which, at the time, belonged to the United States. As a spoil of war, these silver coins were a prize the Japanese were determined to capture and the U.S. and Philippine governments were determined to save.  As the Japanese forces got closer to Manila, treasury officials moved the coins to secret caves on the Philippine island of Corregidor.    Then, when it looked like the fall of Corregidor was inevitable, the coins were taken under the cover of night from these secret caves and dumped in the ocean, where they lay undisturbed until after the war!  Now, we are proud to offer a limited quantity of these historic silver coins that escaped the Japanese, survived years in the ocean and then escaped the melting pot as the price of silver skyrocketed.  Struck in .800 fine silver, weighing over ½ an ounce and legal tender in the U.S., the obverse features a standing Philippine “Miss Liberty” in a flowing gown, the first time any standing Liberty appears on an American coin.  On the reverse, the familiar American Eagle holds an olive branch and a bunch of arrows while perched above a shield with 13 stars and stripes and the San Francisco “S” mintmark.  There is a strict limit of 5 coins per customer. Order yours today.

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