Triceratops Bi-Metal Coin

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Triceratops Bi-Metal Coin - brand new for 2022

With a bony frill at the back of the neck, and three fearsome horns on its face, the Triceratops is one of the most recognizable of all dinosaurs.  It was massive, growing up to 30 feet in length and weighing over 12 tons.  First appearing in North America, it was one of the last land-based dinosaurs when it became extinct 66 million years ago.  But now you can safely bring him to life again with this spectacular Vanuatu non-circulating legal tender Triceratops coin. First a 145 g Pure Copper core is sandwiched between two 5 g .999 Pure Silver layers to create a huge 60 mm diameter piece – that’s almost 2.5” wide.  Then experts in the minter’s art use a state of the art deep-minting technique to make the fearsome head practically JUMP OUT of the obverse of the coin.  You will marvel at this stunning recreation of this legendary creature.  The coin reverse features sculptures of some of his friends, as well as the Vanuatu imprimatur.  The first coin in this series, the Tyrannosaurus Rex sold out quickly, and with a mintage limited to only 1,999 coins we’re confident this will too.  So don’t wait, order yours today!

(Limit: 5 - while supplies last)

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