"Salute to America" Gold Coins

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"Salute to America" Pure Gold Coins

Our "Salute to America" gold coin collection showcases pure gold coins from around the world, each coin featuring a significant theme in America’s tumultuous history.  With diverse designs honoring some of our most revered Presidents, or beloved national symbols or even a Buffalo from the Old West, these precious coins are destined to become treasured additions to you collection that will be admired by friends and family for generations to come.  Now, a recent audit of our inventory showed several different designs available in extremely limited quantities, we’re making these available on a first-come-first-served basis at a very special price.  Proof struck in 500 mg .999 Pure gold, each non-circulating legal tender coin is 11mm in diameter and comes in a protective acrylic case  along with  a Certificate of Authenticity verifying its gold content and legal tender status.  Designs our choice while they are available.

(Limit: 5)

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