Legal Tender CI $2 Silver Certificate in .999 Pure Silver

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New Legal Tender $2 Silver Certificate in .999 Pure Silver

   Announcing the minting of our new Cook Islands non-circulating LEGAL TENDER $2 Silver Certificate!  It’s the first $2 silver certificate to feature George Washington’s portrait since the very first and only one was issued by the US Government in 1899.  Now, the Father of Our Country is back, but this time in gleaming, .999 Pure Silver!

   That unique $2 Silver Certificate design -- a two dollar bill backed by the government’s precious silver reserves -- was the last of its kind printed by the United States government almost 125 years ago.  It took eight different U.S. government engravers to create its intricate details.  It’s no wonder that the price of rare examples of this historic bill have sold for thousands of dollars – if you could even find one.  Back then, you could redeem your $2 silver certificate for actual granules of silver.  Now, we’ve gone one better – because this $2 Silver Certificate is actually struck in .999 Pure Silver!  Through a revolutionary minting process, we have included a never-before-seen major design element – the oversized head of George Washington in the center with no formal portrait border -- on a real Cook Islands non-circulating LEGAL TENDER two dollar bill, with the signing of the Declaration of Independence depicted on the reverse.  And we’ve done it in  6000 mg of .999 Pure Silver, all for an extraordinarily affordable price! Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind collectible – order yours today!

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