Lady of Fortune .999 Pure Silver Proof Coin

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Will Fortune Smile On You This Year?

The Lady of Fortune has long held power over the fates of sailors, for it was she who determined which way the wheel of fortune spun for every person aboard. In this stunningly beautiful Lady of Fortune one ounce .999 Pure Silver proof coin from Tokelau, a modern stylized Lady is pictured with her hair blowing in the ever-changing winds of Fortune, with the Wheel of Fortune itself -- the “rota fortunae” – pictured next to her.  Pouring from the wheel is a cascade of gold, symbolizing the wealth a benevolent Lady of Fortune may bestow on you.   Because fortunes change as often as the direction in which the wind blows, sailors depended on the Lady of Fortune for successful voyages; her image was often carved into ships’ figureheads for protection.  Now, this new Lady of Fortune proof-struck coin features a unique diamondesque shape, and the legend “Fortuna Venit,” which means that when fortune comes, happiness also comes.  Let the winds of good fortune come your way with the Lady of Fortune Silver Proof Coin!

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