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Genuine Desert Storm PSYOP Leaflets

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Genuine CIA Propaganda from the Gulf War

In 1990, Saddam Hussein ordered his forces to invade and capture the neighboring country of Kuwait.  Within 12 hours, the Kuwaiti military had surrendered, and the royal family fled.  Hussein’s occupation of Kuwait had begun.  For the remainder of the year, US diplomatic forces along with our Western allies attempted to convince Hussein to withdraw his forces, giving him until January 15, 1991 to do so.  He refused, and when the deadline passed, Operation Desert Storm began.  By February 27, 1991, Saddam was in retreat and Kuwait was liberated.  While our military power certainly had much to do with the victory, psychological warfare played a part too.  PSYOPs – psychological operations – spearheaded by the CIA, dropped propaganda leaflets in Iraq prior to an Allied bombing run.  The leaflets were meticulously crafted with the intent to hurt morale, encourage surrender, spread disinformation and expose the evil of Saddam Hussein.  In total, 29 million leaflets were dropped on Iraqi troops during January and February 1991.  Now you have the opportunity to get a collection of ten different actual leaflets from the conflict in one historic collection.  Each set comes with a story card and background of each design.  A must-have for any war memorabilia collector!

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