First-Ever Legal Tender Continental Dollar

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Making our Founding Fathers' dreams come true with the

First-Ever Legal Tender Continental Dollar

   The Continental Dollar is one of the great coin mysteries of our country. It is considered one of the top numismatic artifacts of the American Revolution, born out of our desire to show sovereignty as a newly formed nation by issuing our own money.

   Expecting a loan of silver bullion from France, our forefathers set about creating coins using imagery designed by Benjamin Franklin. CONTINENTAL CURRENCY along with the ever-important 1776 date appeared around the rim. On the reverse a chain of thirteen interlocking links with the names of the original 13 Colonies appeared. The legend WE ARE ONE stressed the importance of a unified nation in winning the war.

   The silver from France never materialized. So, in the end only a small number of pattern coins were minted, never to be legal tender. UNTIL NOW! Introducing the First-Ever Continental Dollar – a brand new non-circulating legal tender coin from National Collector’s Mint and the Cook Islands. We are proud to finally make our forefather’s dream a reality, just in time for the 250th Anniversary of American Independence! On the obverse, elements of Franklin’s original design appear along with the Cook Island’s imprimatur and the historic 1776 date. On the reverse are the interlocking names of the original thirteen colonies surrounding the motto WE ARE ONE. And, for the first time ever, the Continental Dollar also carries the ONE DOLLAR denomination!

   Each coin is proof struck and clad in 71mg of .999 pure silver and comes encapsulated for protection along with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

(Limit: 5)

Actual size is 39 mm

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