Brand New 2022 "Rose Gold" Silver Eagle Dollar

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Brand New 2022 “Rose Gold” Silver Eagle Dollar

First Rose Gold enhanced Silver Eagle Dollar ever Offered by National Collector’s Mint

The American Silver Eagle is arguably the world’s most popular silver bullion investment coin, and a favorite among collectors as well.  Struck in one troy ounce of .999 fine silver, its weight and purity are guaranteed by the United States government.  It features one of the most beautiful renditions of Lady Liberty to ever appear on a U.S. coin.  So how could we improve on a coin that already has everything going for it?  How about enhancing this magnificent coin with 18Kt Rose Gold?  For the first time ever, National Collector’s Mint is offering a Silver Eagle Dollar enhanced with this brilliant alloy combining pure gold and copper to create a distinctive pink hue.  We’ve selectively clad Lady Liberty and the new Landing Eagle to create a stunning collectible that will be a treasured addition to your collection.  We’re sure when you see it, you’ll agree this is one of the most strikingly beautiful silver eagle coins out there!  Don’t wait, order today!

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