.9999 Pure Gold 2022 Quintuple Eagle $5 Coin

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New Quintuple Eagle a .9999 Pure Gold
$5 Coin featuring 5 Eagles, just $49.95!

Americans love Eagles.  It’s our national bird and appears on much of American coinage.  You’ve heard of Eagles, Double Eagles, Quarter Eagles, etc.  In fact, no gold coin in American history has captured the hearts and minds of collectors the way the Double Eagle gold piece has.  The last Double Eagle Gold Piece is the most expensive coin ever sold at over $18MM!  But now, you can get FIVE eagles for a tiny fraction of that price.  Announcing the 2022 mintage of the Cook Islands .9999 Pure Gold Quintuple Eagle $5 Coin!

It features five eagles in flight under the proclamation “American Quintuple Eagle” and the 2022 date on the obverse.  The iconic Liberty Bell graces the reverse with the Cook Islands imprimatur and the $5 denomination.

Struck from a full 200 mgs of .9999 Pure Gold using new ultra-thin minting technology, the large 34mm diameter is the same size as the U.S. Double Eagles.  Not only are these the first ever Cook Islands non-circulating legal tender 2022 Quintuple Eagles ever minted, you can acquire them for a fraction of the price of the U.S. Double Eagles, only $49.95 per coin!

(Limit: 5)

Same as Item # 24630

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