2021 Ultra High Relief Silver Peace Dollar

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100th Anniversary

2021 Ultra High Relief Silver Peace Dollar

When the 1921 Peace Dollar was issued, the public flocked to acquire the latest silver dollar release commemorating peace after the tragedies of World War I. The sculptor, Anthony de Francisci, had used his young wife as the model for Lady Liberty, and Americans were captivated by the high relief of Liberty’s Head. But de Francisci, inexperienced at coin design, had made a fatal mistake. His design was raised so far above the background of the coin that the dies used to mint the coins kept breaking. The relief of the design was lowered, and the government ended minting of the high relief Peace Dollars after only one issue in 1921, leaving Americans to search for these elusive and expensive coins for a century.

Now, you can acquire this spectacular Cook Islands non-circulating legal tender dollar that actually SURPASSES the original. Through the use of innovative high-depth minting technology, Lady Liberty comes to life in a way de Francisci could only have dreamed of, with reliefs so high that they can actually be seen over the edge of the coin. On the reverse, the Peace eagle is bolder, stronger and more lifelike than ever before. This minter’s masterpiece has minted in one troy ounce of .999 Pure Silver – heavier and purer than the original - and bears the 100th Anniversary double-date, 1921-2021.  Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime release!

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