1877 Half Union Tribute Proof

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Our tribute to the largest gold coin ever struck by the U.S. Government!

It’s also one of the rarest coins in the history of the United States as it was only struck twice in solid gold. Both now reside in the Smithsonian, and they are literally priceless. Until now, just viewing this magnificent design was a rare opportunity. But today you can reserve your very own copy of the 1877 Half Union Gold coin recreated as a 23mg 24KT gold clad proof, measuring almost 51 mm in diameter, with a total weight over 2.5 troy ounces. The original $50 coins were almost lost when, after they were struck in 1877, Chief Coiner Archibald Snowden suddenly left the U.S. Gov’t, and the coins disappeared, too. Eventually the solid gold coins were returned to the Mint. The obverse features the Head of Liberty facing left with a coronet emblazoned with “LIBERTY.” The reverse depicts the heraldic eagle and the first ever “FIFTY DOLLARS” denomination. Every detail on our privately minted, non-monetary Tribute Proof has been gloriously proof struck, then lavishly clad with 23mg of 24KT gold. Experience first-hand the dazzling design and massive size of the largest gold coin ever struck. Reserve your proof today!

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