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1795 Half Eagle Tribute Proof

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The 1795 $5 Gold Half Eagle was the first gold coin ever struck by the U.S. government. With its historic significance and a mintage of just 8,707, it is no wonder that one 1795 $5 Gold Piece recently sold for $212,750! In addition to being the first ever struck, our Founding Fathers undervalued the amount of gold in the 1795 $5 coin making it far more valuable than the face value of the coin! Profiteers responded by hoarding and melting these precious coins to reclaim their gold content. The supply of $5 Half Eagle gold pieces grew ever smaller, making the few surviving coins worth so many thousands of dollars today! But now, you can reserve your own privately minted, non-monetary copy of the 1795 $5 Gold Half Eagle as a 6 mg 24 KT Gold Clad Tribute Proof. Designer Robert Scot’s right-facing portrait of a flowing Miss Liberty with a tall Liberty Cap appears in frosted relief above the 1795 date on a mirror-like background on the obverse. On the reverse is the “small-eagle” design, where a naturalistic American bald eagle clutching a branch in its talons and a wreath in its beak, is displayed against a mirror-like background.

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