100th Anniversary Morgan Silver Dollar Tribute

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  100th Anniversary Morgan Silver Dollar Tribute

There was a monumental event in the coin world a century ago in 1921. The very last Morgan Silver Dollar was struck. Now 100 years later, the Morgan Silver Dollar has achieved legendary status in the collectible world, becoming the most coveted U.S. one dollar coin ever. Even after a century, the Morgan’s magnificent design still evokes the romance of the American Old West, of lawmen and outlaws, gunslingers and pioneers. How better to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the last Morgan Silver Dollar than with a tribute that brings the beauty of the original Morgan Dollar to life once more – the 100th Anniversary Morgan Silver Dollar Tribute Proof.

   This magnificent proof displays the frosted reliefs and shimmering mirror-like backgrounds so desired by collectors, while featuring all of the exacting detail of the original Morgan design - the frosted Miss Liberty stands out in full relief on the obverse along with the once-in-a-lifetime double date of 1921-2021. On the reverse the bold American Eagle spreads his wings under the motto “In God We Trust.” Best of all, each non-monetary proof is lavishly clad in 14 mg of 24KT Pure Gold. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to its privately minted status and pure gold content. What a collectible opportunity!

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Actual size is 39mm

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