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$100,000 Gold Leaf Tribute Certificate

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Our Tribute to The Highest Denomination of United States Currency Ever Produced!

Have you ever seen a $100,000 bill? Did you even know that such a thing existed? The $100,000 dollar bill was issued by the United States Department of the Treasury in 1934 and 1935 to Federal Reserve Banks only.  Their value was equal to the actual amount of gold bullion held by the Treasury. It was intended only for official Federal Reserve transactions until the 1960s when most of the surviving notes were destroyed.

The $100,000 design featured Woodrow Wilson on its obverse. On its reverse, the bill was designated as United States Currency.  On both sides, its giant denomination is proclaimed in numbers and words, 12 times! Only 42,000 of these notes were ever printed – and none were ever released into general circulation. In fact, it’s illegal for a private individual to own one! The only surviving examples are in official U.S. Government hands.

Now, NCM has struck this magnificent Gold Certificate design in about 20 mg pure 22KT Gold Leaf. With our private, non-monetary striking, all collectors now have an opportunity to add this historic design to their collections. Also makes a wonderful conversation piece.

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